Elnino Diva 7'0 Softboard

Good second hand Elnino Diva 7'0 Softboard including fins and legrope


The popular Mal Softboard series has a stable template of a traditional Surfboard with great responsiveness that allows the rider to develop positional understanding, speed on a wave and wave knowledge. Ideal Softboard size for everyone in the family. You can learn here and then keep improving your style with this board.

Deep specification with twin stringers gives stability for all performance levels - up to 110kg

Softboard specs:

2 x Stringer / HDPE Slick / Non-X-Link PE Deck / EPS Core

Board condition: Good
Board size: 7'0" - 7'4"
Brand: Elnino
Shaper: N/A
Length: 7'0
Width: 22"
Thickness: 3'
Volume (in litres): 63
Fin system: detachable fin system
Accessories included (e.g. pad, fins, etc.): legrope