Soflite Chop Stick 8'0" softboard

Great second hand Soflite Chop Stick 8'0" softboard

8'0" X 22 5/8" X 3 1/8"


Color Royal: Blue Deck / Fluro Red Slick

Come with legrope and fins .

RRP: $$489.95

Core:100% Waterproof Moulded EPS Core
Deck: 10lb PE Deck
Slick: Xtra Duralinx Slick
Reinforcements: Double Moulded Stringer system
Features: Edge Trim System, Exoskeletal Strength Membrane, Leash Plug
Fins: Thruster Fin Set Up with Bones and Shanks Fin System. - Fins Included with Every Board

These are our Mal shapes. They paddle fast and are extremely stable. The boards are very versatile, and even suitable for experienced surfers. They are great for small days, and big enough for traditional longboard moves such as noserideing etc.

The 80 is the perfect beginner board. For more info on sizes, check out our Size Recommendations page.

The boards are constructed using exclusive Softlite Moulds - This ensures that every board comes out identical with no imperfections. It also creates a harder shell of EPS foam on the outside making Softlite boards stiffer and more durable than competitors who use similar cores.

No screws on deck -No kicking your toes on screws, looks good and is easier to wax deck.

Bones and Shanks Fin System - Easy to install and remove fins. Compatible with other fin two tab systems, allowing you to change your fins to suit conditions or alter board performance

Bamboo Stringer System - This is re-enforced with fibreglass sheeting and epoxy resin to give the perfect amount of flex.

Board condition: Good
Board size: 7'8" - 8'2"
Brand: Soflite
Shaper: N/A
Length: 8'0"
Width: 22 5/8"
Thickness: 3 1/8"
Volume (in litres): 70 L
Fin system: FCS
Accessories included (e.g. pad, fins, etc.): Legrope