DP Sequel 6'0

3 year old surfboard, a few dings have been repaired, the nose still needs a little fixing, but the rest is in very good order.

Introducing The Sequel.

Combining the best of The Pulse's design characteristics with a shorter, wider theory, The Sequel is the most performance-geared summer groveller yet!

The double concave deck and beveled rail maintain volume throughout the board while allowing for a low, sharp rail line. The pulled in tail will let you turn on a dime.

The lower entry rocker skates through dead sections and will make you paddle faster, while the straighter, pulled down tail rocker adds those much needed speed bursts through your typical Summer waves.

Come with five plugs for a quad or thruster fin setup.

Board condition: Good
Board size: 5'8" - 6'2"
Brand: DP
Shaper: Dylan Perese
Length: 6'0
Width: 19 1/2
Thickness: 2 7/16
Volume (in litres): 30L
Fin system: FCS2
Accessories included (e.g. pad, fins, etc.): Pad (no fins or leash)