SImon Anderson 6'4 face dancer

SImon Anderson 6'4 face dancer
Used only a couple of times
A a ding that was very well repaired.

Quad option good wave Thruster. Slightly increased area in the nose, normal width in the round tail. Single concave to vee at the tail. Smooth moderate rocker.
Low soft rails.

A few years old but a good
all-rounder for a one board quiver. In the last 12 months I have added some narrower boards to the FD range.

When surfed as a Quad the vee helps in transitions to get the board from rail to rail. The Quad fin placement is in a bit from the rail & allows you to surf high & tight on the face in the barrel. FD will hold nicely on a steep take off & release quickly out of the bottom turn to a higher line under the lip. Team rider preference is to surf FD
as a thruster producing a lively but slightly more predictable feel in 3 to 6 feet surf.

Board condition: Very good
Board size: 6'2" - 6'6"
Brand: SImon Anderson
Shaper: SImon Anderson
Length: 6/4
Width: 20 3/8
Thickness: 2 9/16
Volume (in litres): 34.75L
Fin system: FCS 2
Accessories included (e.g. pad, fins, etc.): Pad